BOGO Half Off Sea Moss

BOGO Half Off Sea Moss

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$34.50Sale Price

Try Our Buy One Get One Half Off Sea Moss Special.  With using the freshest  alkaline ingredients to maintain optimall nutritional properties, it's aimed to terminate the acidity in the body.

Purchase a 16 oz Sea Moss Gel, Get a 12 oz Ginger Sea Moss Half Off

  • THANK YOU Front Line Protectors and Advocates

    As the CoronaVirus continues to attack our community, our Front Liners (Emergency/Military Workers, Medical Practitioners, Airline Advocates, Educators, etc.) are risking their immune systems every second.  As health pillars in the industry, it's our duty to protect them as much as possible.  Sea Moss is a sea plant that can help strengthen the immune system and drive out inflammation.


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